Monday, November 12, 2012

Wake Up, Manhattan!

Today I realized something- it takes me longer to get ready to go for a run than get ready for work.

A typical day's timeline (lately- it changes based on distance I'm running):

Running schedule:

6:30: alarm goes off

6:40: roll out of bed, get dressed, make coffee

6:45-7:30: drink coffee, think about running, decide it's finally time to run

Getting ready schedule:

8:45: Back from run, quick stretch in front of the Today Show

9:00-9:10: Shower

9:10-9:15: Reheat coffee, get distracted by Today Show

9:15-9:30: Put on makeup, dry hair, and throw on clothes

9:30-9:35: Pack breakfast and lunch, run out the door

Almost DOUBLE time to get ready for a run. Something to work on.. at least this morning I wasn't the only fuzzy one:

Did I wake up in San Francisco? Running on the bridge was like running on a cloud- the fog was so thick you couldn't see any of Manhattan's timeline. My legs felt a bit heavy today after my run on Saturday, but the rest of the week will be all shorter runs as I get ready for PHILLY!

Run stats: Out the door (late!) at 7:45, Queensboro Bridge Run 5.62 miles, 54:31/9:42 pace

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