Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Double Stuff Tuesday

I wish it was of the Oreo version. And no, I didn't take up gymnastics, but Oreo sadly didn't have a runner daily twist. I skipped yoga on Sunday so I pulled double duty today... and I'm pooped. I know people do double workouts on a daily basis, but I learned I'm a little weakling. My arms were shaking like jello by the end of my yoga class, something I really need to work on!

Good thing my run was much more enjoyable- I met up with a friend and ran about a mile of my 4 miles with her, which made the run go by really fast :)

I looked at the results from the Race For Recovery virtual race today-- out of the 112 runners who completed the 5K, I placed 40th; out of the 61 runners who completed the 10K, I placed 20th, and out of the 16 people who completed both the 5K and 10K, I placed 5th.  Looking at the other times for people who ran both, my 5K time is relatively slow, but I made up for it in the 10K. Something to work on!

Run stats: East river run, 4.17 miles, 37:51 min/9:05 min/mile

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