Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Manhattan was so grey on my run this morning:

I made it home right as the ominous clouds opened up, and the cold rain hasn't stopped all day. I guess winter is here to stay, fingers crossed Santa brings me some more cold weather running gear! 

I use Pinterest for my Christmas wish list- so much easier than trying to think of gifts at one time! I can just add pins when the moment strikes- I used Pinterest for Christmas last year, and my family said it was so easy just to look at the board, click on the links, and buy a gift without any hassle. The system almost works too well... my mom and dad and my sister both got me the same sweater for my birthday! 

Right now my board is looking a little sparse- running gear, a GARMIN (please!), one sweater (already bought), some makeup, and my beloved Ray Bans (that I already got 3 years ago, but they tragically flew off my head and got crunched under the subway). Time to start pinning... perfect activity for this gloomy day!

Run stats: Tuesday: chilly East River run, 3.6 miles, 33:03/9:14 pace; Monday: yoga

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