Sunday, November 25, 2012

Super Sunday

I think this was my most productive Sunday... ever. I knocked out about 3 hours of work, ran errands, deep-cleaned my room and kitchen, did laundry, and went on a run. I also hung our first Christmas decoration!

It's just a door sign, but it's a start. We didn't get a tree last year, but I'd love to get a small one this year! My dad has the tradition of getting all the children an ornament each year-- we had to stop it at home because the tree couldn't handle anymore new ones, but every year since I've graduated college he's sent me one for my apartment trees. Last year I hung them from our 'balcony' (aka railing on the two steps in my apartment), but this year I'd love to actually hang them on a tree.

Fun fact: Decorating the tree is a huge tradition in my family. Even though my brother, sister, and I don't get home until December 22nd or later, my parents wait every year to decorate with us. And we always have glass bottle cokes and cookies while we're decorating ;) 

Run stats: Chilly Central Park run, 5.1 miles, 48:08, 9:26/mile. Hamstring still a little tender, but getting better!

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