Monday, November 5, 2012

The Day After

On what was supposed to be the day after the NYC Marathon, a run through Central Park. The marathon signs are in the process of being taken down, but the 25 and 26 mile marker as well as the finish line are still there. It was important for me to run up to the finish line, take a moment to reflect on training, Sandy, and the marathon that didn't happen, and then to run away with more resolve to keep running until I DO get to run the marathon I've wanted to do and waited to run for so long.

Even though I had tears in my eyes, I celebrate what this experience has given me:

I celebrate being in great shape.

I celebrate being able to run 20 miles.

I celebrate the early morning discipline I've learned.

I celebrate the clear thinking my runs give me.

I celebrate NYC.

Morning run: Out the door at 7:15, 5.15 miles, 50:45 (didn't stop watch when I stopped to take a picture)

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