Saturday, November 17, 2012

Philly or Bust

It's crazy to think that this time tomorrow I'll be a marathoner or very close to being a marathoner. We're on the bus now to Philadelphia, and I can't wait to get things started! Waiting is the hardest part about running for me, and makes my nerves go crazy... I'd rather just get things over with so I'm happy the race starts at 7am (and not 11am like my start time for NYC).

I've been going through all of my pictures I took from my NYC Training... it's hard to believe I've been training since the beginning of July, and how far I've come. In the beginning, 6 miles was tough to run. Now 6 miles is a regular morning run. And the long runs of 18 and 20 miles seemed like crazy talk, but I did them without trouble when the time came. It is absolutely amazing what your body can accomplish in a relatively short period. The 'theme' of the Philadelphia Marathon is 'Redefine Possible,' which really hits home after the NYC marathon was canceled. I thought running a marathon in 2012 wouldn't be possible since all of the races left in the year were either sold out or too far away to get to from NYC. Then Philly opened up their doors... and here I am. Can't wait.

See you at the finish line! I'll be the one kicking ass and bawling like a baby ;)

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