Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home For The Holidays

After spending 15 hours in a bus, then a car, on I-95 South yesterday, I'm finally home for Christmas! I took the bus from NYC to DC, where my brother and sister picked me up for the longest unintentional road trip ever. Turns out, everyone who lives on the I-95 corridor decided to go driving yesterday.
My sister took this sometime around 11pm as we finally crossed the border into SC!
We kept ourselves entertained with comedy roulette- I have never listened to so many stand-up specials in my life. Now it's finally time to relax and enjoy Christmas with the family! We're decorating the tree tonight (a long standing tradition) and tomorrow we'll have the entire family over to celebrate!

Speaking of home for the holidays, have you seen this SNL skit? It's like they interviewed my family it's so spot on:

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