Thursday, December 20, 2012

One Note

Over the past two days, I've taken two runs that look nearly identical:

December 18th, 5 miles along the East River:

December 19th, 6 miles along the East River:

Almost identical, even down to a frustrating Garmin. I love the Garmin... when it can hold a GPS signal. Luckily, it can when I'm in Central Park or running by the River, but can't find/hold a signal to save it's life in midtown Manhattan. But during my 1st/last miles when I'm getting to those running spots, it's pretty darn disheartening to look down and see some wild number like an 11 minute current pace when you've just been running 2 minutes faster! At least I can look at moving time after my run to see a more realistic pace.

The two runs also tell me I'm a pretty one note runner. I know ZERO about pacing. And I have ZERO strategy- people write about holding back at first during a race then picking up the pace later, going for hard/easy runs, and I'm learning I'm absolutely clueless. I just go out and run, and even if I tell myself to 'push it' or 'relax,' it seems like I just fall into the same pace. Definitely a goal for 2013: learn how to pace myself, find an uncomfortable, hard pace, and learn how to run with a strategy.

Today is an inadvertent rest day. I was supposed to bake cookies last night for a holiday cookie exchange party tonight, but it didn't happen. So instead of waking up early to run, I'm up early baking bacon chocolate chip cookies! I told you I'd never lose weight from running, and plus... 'tis the season ;)

Now it's time to eat some cookies for breakfast!

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