Sunday, January 6, 2013

Embracing My Roots

Friday night, I let my Southern show... cowboy boots and all. A group of friends went to the PBR Bull Riding event at Madison Square Garden, and although I'm not entirely sure how the point system works, it was a blast. Especially entertaining was the lead clown, who I'm sure was a dancer in a previous career because he was breaking it DOWN in between runs.

I don't know if this is something to be proud of or not, but I wore my boots to work and NO.ONE.NOTICED.  Everyone else in our group commented on how many people in their offices noticed their 'cowboy' get ups... which made me wonder, did my office just expect that one day I'd show up showing my Southern pride? Something to ponder. Also, even though I'm from the South I have to admit I felt like a poser- surrounded by guidos trying to say 'y'all' and pretend they were rednecks, I identified more with them than the few true bull riding fans in the arena. Am I slowly turning into a Yankee?

Redneck Zamboni
The rest of the weekend has been low key-- a 10 mile run on Saturday that felt much harder than it should, some Christmas returns, and a Saturday night in watching The Graduate and eating ice cream. Now I'm settled in for a full day's work... I'm headed to CES tomorrow so there is a ton to get done before getting on the plane to Vegas!

Seen while returning a Christmas present at Bloomingdales-- don't you just love this sign? 
Playing dress up sounds way better than going to a  'fitting' room
Run Stat: Saturday, Central Park run, 10 miles at 8:49 average pace
Run total for the week: 25.3! 

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