Monday, January 7, 2013


Today's run can be characterized as 'on-the-go.' I was rushed for time (hello Monday morning snooze), my Garmin wouldn't connect for the first mile, and 25 minutes in, I was desperate for any semblance of a restroom. One of those days.
Yeah, I usually stay on the loop... not today.
Thankfully, today's run did not turn into the most embarrassing day of my life. Another 'on-the-go' moment? Registering 8 months in advance for the Hamptons 1/2 Marathon! The race isn't until late September, but I tried to register last year and it was already sold out in June/July. So... yes! to ridiculous planning. And there are multiple advantages to registering early-- lowest cost and time to book accommodations before everyone else jumps on the Hamptons bandwagon!

The rest of the day proved to be just as rushed as my morning... cramming a full day's worth of work into a half day, part of which was spent searching for travel sized Tom's toothpaste. Fun fact- after years of expensive dermatology visits and products, I learned I was allergic to 'normal' toothpaste... which was making me break out. Thankfully, after my 3rd drugstore visit today (thank you Whole Foods!) I found the illusive little toothpaste.
Some people use toothpaste as a cheap acne solution... me, not so much
But the best 'on-the-go' moment of the day? Running between 3 different terminals to find and devour a CHICK-FIL-A Sandwich during my stopover in Atlanta ;)


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