Thursday, February 14, 2013

Puppy Love

Tuesday night I may or may not have completely embarrassed myself with extreme excitement:

The feeling was not mutual.
Yep, totally did. We went to the Westminster Dog Show and I couldn't contain myself around all the pups, especially my beloved golden retriever.

A repeated reminder at the show: No, we're not getting one.
Did you know? The Westminster Dog Show is the longest running American sporting event outside of the Kentucky Derby. It was fascinating to watch- so much pomp and circumstance, and unlike most sporting events, very formal and refined! The women judges wore evening gowns and the men wore tuxes, and all of the handlers were in (mostly sparkly) suits. Now I really want to watch Best In Show- I've never seen it, but from what we saw at the show/what I've heard about the movie, I think it sounds spot on!

PSA Alert: how did we afford tickets to the show? They were free! We recently signed up for How About We, which I'd describe as a Living Social for dating. You pay a monthly membership for access to preplanned dates- anything from brewery tours to dinners to a private ice skating session in Central Park. Prices range from $5 to over $1000, but about half of the listed dates are free. Like the Westminster Dog Show! So if you book a few free dates each month, you'll easily recoup your membership fee (which is only $22 a month). And if nothing else, it's a great way to find new date ideas!

Now I'm headed home to see MY puppies and run the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon! 2 HOURS OR BUST!!

And oh, Happy Valentine's Day! ;)

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