Sunday, February 10, 2013

Running In The Snow

Since the streets looked like a slushie on Saturday, I opted to stay fall free and do my long run on the treadmill.

Yeah, not really into face planting.
Woof. I was supposed to run 12 miles, but after an hour and 6.75 miles (every 10 minutes I did a 'fartlek' at 7.5 for 2 minutes), I had to get off and regroup. I made it 30 more minutes for a total of ~10.2 before quitting - no amount of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the Kardashians were going to get me through another 2 miles.

I know conversion charts show running on the treadmill equivalent to about 30 seconds slower on the road, but it's the opposite for me. I ran at 6.3 MPH with 0% incline (no way I was going to even 0.5%), which translates to 9:31 mile on the treadmill and 9:56 mile on the road.

(from Hungry Runner Girl, who runs like at a 9.1 while holding a baby)
I can maintain an 8:40 pace outside with (relatively) no problem, but ask me to run faster than a 9:30 pace on the treadmill, and I'm dying. I find it so HARD to run on the treadmill- mentally and physically. I'd rather run up Cat Hill or tackle the Queensboro Bridge any day- at least the scenery changes! I find treadmill runs demoralizing and defeating- I really hope the slush is gone before my next run on Tuesday!

On Friday I did tackle the snow and run outside-- I turned to Twitter to ask Jack Rabbit for advice.
The snow was just starting to stick (so it may not count as 'running in the snow'), but the road was more than a bit slick in places. I took it slow over any patches that looked a bit ominous, and ended up having a great 5 mile run! Now hopefully next week's 1/2 marathon will be like the 5 mile run and NOT the treadmill run this week!

Just a tad wet.
Week In Review:

Sunday: Yoga
Monday & Tuesday: Rest Days
Wednesday: 4x400's on the Dreadmill (8.2 MPH with 6.3MPH for warm-up and 6.4MPH for rests in between 400s)
Thursday: ~6 miles in Central Park
Friday: 5 miles along the East River
Saturday: ~10 miles on the Treadmill

Total Miles: 24.8

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