Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Model Behavior

Did you hear about Natalia Vodianova, the model who ran a 1/2 Marathon and then later that day walked in Paris Fashion Week? She ran for the charity she founded, the Naked Heart Foundation., and apparently it's something of a tradition for her. She's run the Paris 1/2 Marathon (or Semi as they call it!) every year since 2011, either right before or right after walking in the Givenchy show.

Although one source said she had zero training, just eating 'only ice cream and good french food' to prepare, I'm hoping that isn't right. I'd like to think she's a role model for the industry-- there's so many negative stories about the extreme pressures of the modeling world and the unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle choices that result that it would be refreshing to think she lived a more 'normal' life. She's clearly healthy enough to run a half marathon, (more power to her if her fuel of choice was ice cream... the dairy overload gives me shudders!) and smart enough to run with a fuel belt-- and it doesn't look like the run was purely a stunt for charity, as she finished in a more than respectable 2:22:15. So to me, the story would be even cooler if she did train for it and advocate for a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes modeling haute couture clothing and running a few daily miles. Because really, who else could say that?

And now I feel lazy. Beers and a nap rounded-out my last 1/2 marathon 'recovery' day.

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