Monday, March 11, 2013

So This Is Fun

Sunday was a perfect day for a run. Closing in on 50 degrees and bright and sunny, it felt like springtime. I headed out to the park sans jacket or gloves, and I felt so... free. On my way to the park I saw a bride and groom taking pictures, and once in the park, saw an epic Star Wars battle between people dressed in ridiculous costumes, and while I was tackling the Harlem Hills, a man on a unicycle whizzed passed me. Only in New York.

It was a perfect day for a run, but it wasn't a perfect run. Around mile 3 I started to feel a little twinge in my groin area, which only got worse and worse as the run went on. It was fine until I exited the park to turn home, but when I had to stop for a light and then start again, WHAM! debilitating pain. I just couldn't run anything further- I think I could deal with it in the park since I was running a consistent pace/stride, but starting/stopping on the streets gave me time to actually realize how badly it hurt. So even though I was less than a mile from home, I threw in the towel and got in a cab (this is how badly I was hurting).

I took some Aleve, starting icing the area, and even put on biking shorts for compression. This morning it's not much better, and a scan on the Runner's World Forum for 'groin pain' did nothing to alleviate any worries. So from now until the pain goes away, I'll be sitting on the couch, resting. No running, no elliptical, no yoga, no Jillian. I'm hoping that a few days off will make me well enough to run the NYC 1/2 on Sunday, but I'll just have to wait and see- the absolute worst thing would be to 'power through' and just end up worse off than I was! Drats! I really wanted to see what I could do during this race!

But the weekend wasn't all bad... besides the injury it was actually pretty great!

It started off with a trip to the Rent The Runway showroom to pick out a dress for an upcoming wedding. So fun! My friend Em and I tried on just about every dress in stock... and the best part? No sticker shock since the rental prices are so affordable!

From there I headed uptown to the Guggenheim for Art After Dark! The Guggenheim opens their doors every few months on Friday nights for an evening of cocktails, music, and art. A great alternative to just going out to dinner or a bar on Friday night! Plus, it's easier to convince your boyfriend to visit an art museum if cocktails are involved ;)

The exhibit was 'Splendid Playground,' which was so fun to explore!
On Saturday, I got to see a girl from my hometown make her Off-Broadway debut! I hadn't seen her in YEARS, and it was amazing to see how far she'd come from the days of our local theater. She's currently in the play Really, Really, which is getting a lot of buzz because Zosia Mamet from Girls (Shoshanna) is also in it. But the buzz is justified because it's a GREAT show. Very engaging and intense, and I highly recommend checking it out- and if you're under 30, they have a few tickets every show that are only $30!

And if you go, Lauren Culpepper is the girl to watch out for :) She's also in House of Cards! 
And the last highlight of the weekend was my binge on Downton Abbey. I'm embarrassed at how many episodes I watched while icing my groin last night... and now I'm on the search for a free way to watch Season 3! I know I'm late to the game, but I love this show!

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