Monday, March 25, 2013

Wedding Bells

You may remember this crazy video last summer- a guy proposes to his girlfriend in Bryant Park by surprising her with a flash mob and 100+person marching band. Piers Morgan picked it up, as did ABC News, and the video has over 2 million views on YouTube.

And those are my friends! (if you look closely, I'm there on the side in a pink dress) They tied the knot this weekend, and the wedding weekend was even more amazing than the proposal. They got married by the water in Newport, and although it was a little chillier than anticipated, it was absolutely gorgeous.
from the bride's sister! We weren't close enough to get a good shot!
They are obviously a fun couple (see proposal video above), and had the BEST band. It was actually the band they saw at the first wedding they went to together- before they were even officially dating! I was so bummed I couldn't dance and really join in the party, but it was fun to 'chair dance' and catch up with friends
Pushing my luck wearing heels... pride is a dangerous thing
Since Newport is only about 3 hours from NYC, we decided to make a little getaway weekend out of it.. or in practical terms, we could either leave early Sunday and battle traffic or enjoy the day and head back after dinner. So which one would you choose? I'll enjoy my day, thanks! :) We toured the famous Newport mansions- the cottage homes of America's elite in the 'Gilded Age.' Or, as I kept saying all afternoon- Downton in Newport! Jason was sick of all the references and, 'it's just like this in the show!' comments by the end. But it is crazy to think what we love on TV was reality for a select population.

The Vanderbuilt's summer home, The Breakers
The day was rounded out by a stop by the docks for coffee, a beautiful drive through Ocean Drive, and indulging in lobster. A great weekend filled with lots of fun! Congrats Allison and Craig!

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