Friday, November 1, 2013

Marathon Envy

My marathon envy is in full force... yesterday, I went to the Javits Center to pick up my bib for the Dash to the Finish Line 5K and couldn't help but cry as I walked around the convention center. I hate that I'm not running this year, and seeing everyone so excited about the race just made my heart hurt a little bit.

But I was also crying because marathon day is such an amazing day in NYC-- I've only ever experienced it from the spectator side, but it's such an incredible day when the entire city comes together. Millions of people cheer for strangers (by name) for several hours on end, and it's a literal celebration in the streets. I think I've cried every single year, simultaneously overwhelmed by the determination and strength of the runners and the city itself. Seriously, the race just makes you love NYC.

This year promises to be even more emotional-- besides my own personal battles with running this year, Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombings still weigh heavy on my heart. I know that on Sunday I'll probably shed a few tears out of sadness AND happiness-- because marathon Sunday is the best day in NYC, and on Monday, I start training for NYC 2014 ;)

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