Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Weeks Of Long Runs

Ooops... I blame my 5th college reunion for my tardiness. So two weeks, let's recap, shall we?

We left off on October 13th, and the week that followed was just crazy. I got pulled onto a project at work, and made a last minute trip to Boston on Thursday. My flight back to NYC got cancelled Thursday night, which was a huge problem since I was scheduled to fly to my College Homecoming Friday morning. And let me tell you... the folks at US Airways couldn't be any less concerned. They couldn't understand the reason why I had two separate reservations (business trip + personal trip), and why I couldn't fly from Boston to NYC on Friday morning... land in NYC at 7:15 in LGA, go home and pack for the weekend, and make it to JFK for a 10:00 flight. The customer service rep told me she had never been to NYC, but she thought that the transition was doable. Um, yeah. So we ended up driving back from Boston late Thursday night so I could make my flight on Friday.

Thank goodness it was worth it! :)
Can we go back, please?
My long run for the week got pushed back until I recovered... which ended up being on Tuesday. It was a tough run, but I moved up to 3 miles! Average pace was just under 9 min/mile, which felt challenging!

And now let's fast-forward through a crazy work week to this week's long run! 

4 MILES.  The first 1.5 miles were rough... and a reminder to eat breakfast a bit earlier. But I find the first mile or two of a run always the hardest, which has been challenging getting back to running since you don't have much time for the run to feel good when it's only 2.5 miles.

So finally, a run that was long enough to hate the first 1.5 miles and love the last 2.5. Getting back into running shape is TOUGH. Thank goodness I have a 'cut back' week this week... the Dash to the Finish 5K!

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