Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vegas: Sleep Or Run?

I'm back in NYC after a whirlwind trip to Vegas. Did I love the opportunity? Yes. Do I feel the need to return on vacation? Nope. CES was great, but I found the city itself to be anything but desirable.
The one picture I attempted of 'The Strip'
Everything is BIG, a SPECTACLE, a SHOW. The hotels are designed to keep you underground and gambling/drinking/spending money, and I firmly believe you could easily spend an entire week not seeing the light of day. I found it very disorienting - and coupled with the fact that night clubs and gambling aren't my scene (at all), Vegas just wasn't for me.
I went to dinner at Caesar's Palace, and the place was SO BIG the concierge's directions spilled over two maps . TWO MAPS! ONE HOTEL!
CES, however, was amazing. Seeing the latest ridiculous TVs, gadgets like forks that yell at you when you eat too much, people walking around wearing Google glasses like it ain't no thing, and running into my old coworkers (arguably the highlight, as I had zero clue they'd be there! Ah, the power of social media and hashtags), was such an eye-opening experience.

And oh, there were brain wave reading cat ears.*

Every day was jam packed, and I haven't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep since Monday. But last night when I found myself with about 90 minutes of free time between work and dinner, dead tired, I made the decision to go for a run rather than nap.

It was only 30 minutes. On the treadmill. Without music. (rookie mistake of CES- protect your power cords with your life, preferably wearing/holding them in your hand. You will lose them and then learn how vital they are)

But it was great, and I felt so much better after the 30 minutes. And so much better than had I taken a nap! Before the run, I didn't know if I'd make it through dinner I was so tired. But after the run? I managed to make it out until 11:30 (easy now!) before heading back to my hotel to pack/nap for my pre-5am wake-up call. If I had taken a nap? I either would have woken up groggy and miserable, or wouldn't have waken up until the next morning. A run was definitely the better choice ;)

*I promise I have more thoughts than 'cool!' and am slightly more intelligent than I sound. I'll be posting them on JustAllie in a few days.

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