Friday, February 1, 2013

So Hungry My Knees Hurt

I realize that title sounds ridiculous, but on Wednesday, I was so hungry my knees hurt. Really. I ran (a hard) 6 miles in the morning and then proceeded to only eat a Luna bar and a bowl of soup until 8p, at which point I was making dinner with my boyfriend and told him I was so hungry my knees hurt. He of course, told me that was ridiculous, but I can't help to think there was some correlation between running a little more than I usually do + eating a lot less than I normally do. I usually have a yogurt, fruit, and granola for breakfast, soup and a salad or soup and a piece of fruit for lunch, and then an afternoon snack.

Because I was rushed getting out of the door on Wednesday, I forgot half of my food for the day and then once I got to work I was so busy I didn't come up for air until after 2:30 for lunch, and then didn't look up again until 6:45 when I left for the day. And I realized I was so starving my joints literally hurt. Not good, and a reminder that I need to pay extra attention to what I'm eating on days that I'm running.

Thankfully, Thursday was a different story and I ate my weight in GOOD food. I got invited to an event for Purity Vodka that combined the principles of Eastern Medicine with cocktails and food.

Not every day that you have an acupuncture treatment (my first), followed by a shot of vodka, followed by a massage and a four course meal. A Razor A Shiny Knife created the concept for the event, (if you live in NY, they're the same group who did the gourmet lunch on the L train) and really put a great amount of thought into every minute of the evening.

When we arrived at the event, we were immediately handed an aromatherapy card to set the mood. We then spoke to an acupuncturist about which 'course' we'd take at the event- nourishing or restoring. Our courses were based on our stress levels, digestive health, and energy levels. I was given the nourishing course, and my first treatment was acupuncture to open up my respiratory system (we talked about how I was a runner, and apparently opening up the respiratory system will help me on my long runs). He placed needles on my wrists, hands, ears, and head-- it was a little weird, but the needles didn't hurt at all. After about 10 minutes, I was given a warm shot of vodka to further open up and relax (warm vodka sounds weird, but this vodka was surprisingly tasty warm), and then moved on to my first dinner course.

Crudites (in a literal garden made of hazelnut) and french onion soup accompanied by a clear bloody mary and bee pollen, yuzu, and honey cocktail.

Vegetables in a literal garden.
After the first course it was time for a massage, which was heavenly. I think I fell asleep. We were then escorted to the main portion of the meal, which started off with a vodka, lemon, and thyme cocktail and ravioli with egg yolk. Can we talk about how delicious the ravioli was? It was covered in white and black truffle oil (and I think the words duck fat were also thrown around), and it melted in my mouth. So good. The next course was steak and a dry martini, both of which, of course, were delicious. At this point I was feeling verrryy relaxed and full (hmm, massage or alcohol, you decide), but a delicious dessert table was waiting for us. I'm not sure exactly what I had- it looked like a cross between apples and a doughnut, but the dessert cocktail was to die for. Vodka, persimmon, and pine nuts. It tasted exactly like Christmas and I didn't care how silly I sounded for telling our host that. And oh! the presentation. I'm a sucker for good presentation, and the host had really put a lot of consideration into the plating of the meal and the stemware for the glasses.

I spy... how many different cocktails?
The evening was supposed to include with Reiki, but it was late so we decided to end the evening after dessert.

An amazing, if not odd, evening.

And today, instead of achy knees I have an achy head. Oof!

EDIT: Apparently my title choice attracted SPAMMERS. LOTS OF THEM. Turned comments off to thwart the attacks! Trust me spammers, this was a random day and I don't need advice on diet pills or any other weird merchandise thankyouverymuch.