Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Yay! National Running Day! Everyone's out running in this gorgeous spring weather... yay!

Except, not. Still dealing with injury, still confined to a largely sedentary lifestyle. I've been cleared to swim and have started physical therapy, but it's pretty slow progress. I still have wildly foolish optimistic plans to run the NYC Marathon this fall...

It feels weird to write on a 'running' blog since I'm not exactly running, but a quick update of life recently:

1. Moved apartments. In love (again) with the Upper East Side. Just wish I could take full advantage of the proximity to Central Park.

2. Realized how big of a time and money suck moving was. Only one more room to paint...

3. Started swimming. Realized how out of shape I was, got passed by the blind swimmer in the slow lane.

4. Counting down the days until a mini-vacation, New Orleans! :)

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