Saturday, October 5, 2013

Getting Back In The Swing of Things

This week I got back to a 'regular' exercise schedule. Regular in quotation marks because it wasn't all that successful. After two busy weeks at work, followed by vacation, I hadn't been exactly diligent at hitting the gym. This was also my first week back with a running schedule!

Monday: Physical therapy. Holy cow. Why I thought booking a 6:30 appointment the morning after getting back from vacation, I'll never know.

Tuesday: Accidental rest day. We were hosting friends for dinner, and my plan was to wake up early and put together the lasagna (PS, make butternut squash lasagna- so good!), and then head to the gym afterwards. But when the lasagna took 30 extra minutes to assemble, the gym was nixed. Oops.

Wednesday: Run day!! 2 miles around the Reservoir, which felt GREAT.

Thursday: Accidental rest day, again. Finding motivation on non-running days was a theme this week. But, since I know a big factor to my injury was lack of cross-training, I'm not going to continue to let cross-training slide.

Friday: Run day!! Today was a run/walk day (run 4 min, walk 1 min for 25 min)-- my physical therapist has me slowly building up, which means lots of run/walk days and sticking to low mileage for quite awhile. Today's run/walk felt a little slow and laborious, but it was good to be out on the reservoir.

Saturday: Swimming, which felt more like drowning today. I hadn't been in the pool in 3 weeks, and it showed. I think swimming may be harder to get back into than running, actually. I swam a mile, starting with no flip turns and progressing to a flip turn every other lap. I was dying by the end, but it felt good to get back into swimming.

I followed up swimming by going on a hunt for Banksy's new work in midtown. He's doing a month-long exhibit, 'Better Out Than In,' on the streets of New York, and I'm hoping to do a tour-de-Banksy at the end of the month. But I just couldn't wait to see one of the first 'pieces!'

It's a shame that someone else drew over his work, but I guess that's the nature of graffiti artists. 

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