Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Long Run + Week Recap

This weekend was the perfect fall weekend, and I couldn't have had a more perfect 'long run' (why I call it a long run) today. The weather was perfect- a little 'chilly' for non-runners in the shade, but nice and toasty in the sun. Central Park was bursting with people- I've never seen so many bikers, walkers, and runners before! And, as other bloggers have already pointed out, the bright orange NYC marathon signs are now out in full force.

I don't know if it was the weather, the marathon signs, or a sign that my pelvis is finally healing, but I felt AMAZING on my run today. I felt in control, HAPPY, and PAIN FREE. One of those runs that boosts your spirits way beyond the typical 'runners high.'

I ran 2.6 blissful miles in the park, and even tackled Cat Hill today. That climb wasn't so blissful, but it felt great to leave the flat comfort of the reservoir to be back out in the 'real' park. And holy moly, I couldn't believe my splits--- 8:18? Could you tell I was excited to be out there?! I doubt I could hold that pace for much longer than 2 miles, but it was a huge confidence booster to see that number (which is just two seconds off my pace for the last 1/2 marathon before my injury).

I have my last physical therapy appointment tomorrow-- eek! I'm very nervous not to have that support anymore, but I'm taking a calendar with me so I can write down my long run mileage each week. The last thing I want to do is jump back in too quickly and end up hurt again. 

Now to this week's workouts-- better than last week, but still falling victim to being a bit lazy...

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 1st personal training session + jogging
Thursday: Ooops... rest day
Friday: Run 2 miles
Saturday: 40 minute swim
Sunday: Run 2.6 miles + Body Conditioning class at Equinox

I'm headed down south for my college reunion on Friday, so my goal for the week is: physical therapy on Monday followed by a workout Tuesday-Friday. That way, I can feel better about my return to college ;)

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