Saturday, November 16, 2013

There's No Rush

This week has been a little tough, and I've gone on exactly zero runs. Back to my If It Hurts, Stop mantra... my pelvis was still hurting, so I stopped.

Instead, I focused on stretching/foam rolling/giving myself 'massages' with a lacrosse ball. I even took my first plunge in this torture chamber... aka Equinox's COLD PLUNGE pool. I like to imagine someone thinking, 'how could we make an ice bath more fun?'
Absolutely FREEZING. But worth it.
As awful as it was, I do think it helped. There's just something not right about freezing yourself inside before having to venture outside into the cold, dark, freezing night (seriously, what was with the temperature this week?!)

I also got back into the pool for some laps (which I had been woefully lazy in doing), met with my trainer for a strength session, and took a spin class. So not a total fail in exercising this week... but not RUNNING. To say I was upset would be an understatement. I'm so ready to get back out there and get back to a 'normal' running schedule. I had grand plans of being back up to 5 comfortable miles by New Years, and to win the lottery again for a spot in the NYC Half in March 2014. I would magically come back stronger than before, and cruise through that half with a PR.

Eeeeeerk.... back to reality! As much as I'm dying to get back to normal, there is absolutely zero rush to get back. I have an entire year to get ready for the NYC Marathon next November. An entire year! Who cares if I need to go back to a run/walk schedule for a while? Who cares if I run 11 minute miles? Who cares? This week has taught me that I'm still very much on the road to recovery, and it's ok if setbacks happen. Because they will, and the quicker I accept it, the happier I'll be.

And what do you know... I woke up this morning pain free. I might attempt a mile or two jog, or I might go for a swim and wait another few days to attempt a run. But it doesn't matter, and the pressure I put on myself to get 'back' quickly is gone. What a great feeling.

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